Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bootsale Sunday

It's that time again. Up at 6 (ish), load the car with as many plants as possible and off to sit in a field for 5hrs.
Out came the decorating table and on went the Tomatoes, Cues and Pumpkins. The sign at the front of the stall clearly said what I had for sale so why were so many people asking if I had Melons? After a great start and £30 in the bag, the trade dried up (unlike the weather).
It's strange how I spend all week at work waiting for the weekend and when it comes I sit in the back of a car in the hope that someone wants to spend 50p on a Butternet Squash.
A thoroughly miserable day was had by all and a grand total of £38.50 achieved. Can't wait for next week.  Oh, and is it too late to sow Melons?


Martin Neill said...

I can't even get out of bed before 10 on a Sunday, good for you, it must be satisfying to see people appreciating your gardening efforts. I've never grown melons I'm afraid so can't help you there!

Mel said...

Hi Nathan,

found you via Dobbies!

This is the season of school and church fetes and local festivals.

Contact them and get yourself a stand!

regards, M.

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