Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Leek and Potato soup

This has to be the easiest recipe in the world.
I decided to remove a Black current bush and needed the space where my leeks were. They had to go.  Because I had to pick them early they were a bit small but still perfectly formed.
I handed them over to my partner, Liz and she boiled up some potatoes, onion and the leek and blitzed them into a fantastic soup.
This was Sundays lunch. Hmmmm!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

New raised bed installed

Here are some pics of my new raised bed.  The old one was made of plywood and once the water got in it started to fall apart, although it lasted a good few years.  This time I have made it from decking boards.  This one should last a little longer.  I have already got some onions in situ and hope to plant some overwintering peas once it stops raining.
The white frame at the end is something I made from an old plastic window frame.  I took out the glass and replaced it with some garden netting. This should keep the birds off until the onions get established. I also use the glass for some extra warmth for seedlings in the Spring.  

Now I need to move onto the next bed. It needs a good topping up with soil and compost but that's a job for another day. Time for a cup of tea now.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Horse poo day tomorrow!

Off on our family outing to collect a carload of horse do tomorrow.  Can't wait to put this on my Rhubarb (no jokes about preferring custard, please).

I'm hoping for giant veg next year. Pumpkins the size of Albania please.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Daddy's little helper

Here he is, my little garden helper. He will be here in January. Can't wait for him to arrive. How long should I leave it until he gets his own spade?


My Pelargoniums are coming along really well at the moment. I took this cutting around a month ago and it's romped away.
Next year it will take pride of place outside the front door. Looking forward to next year already. It may be a bit tricky to do quite as much gardening as there is a baby on the way in January.
Gardening will have to be done between nappy changes.

Monday, 27 August 2012

I made it!

So, I did get out of the Jungle.  And after a clean up I found some shallots that I planted way back.
I knew all the hacking and clearing would be worth it. That's one thing to cross off the Christmas shopping list. PICKLED ONIONS.

Once they have stewed in the salt for a while I will add them to the vinegar and place in the cupboard, ready for the festivities.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

I'm going in. If I'm not back in 2 hrs call for help.

My garden has been neglected a bit of late so it's more of a jungle than a garden.  The time has come to prune and chop. My neighbour has complained about my hedge growing into her conservatory, ooops!
I may need to take a scythe instead of snips though.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tennis or gardening?

I got a bit fed up with tennis as soon as I realised Murray had no chance of Wimbledon glory. So I had a go at taking a few Pelargonium cuttings instead. These are probably my most favourite plant to grow because they are so easy to propagate and are drought tolerant. My cat decided against lending a helping paw and opted for a snooze instead.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Bean and pea sowing

Today has been a good day for sowing and potting up. Eight trays each of peas and broad beans. Looking forward to planting these in the garden soon. The weather's still a bit cold for me so I have them waiting in trays for the big plant out.
 I also made time for potting up a few Geraniums which I hope to pop outside the front door and sell to passers by. I took cuttings back in August and they have grown so quick.  All proceeds go to my designated charity (my back garden).
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