Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bootsale Sunday

It's that time again. Up at 6 (ish), load the car with as many plants as possible and off to sit in a field for 5hrs.
Out came the decorating table and on went the Tomatoes, Cues and Pumpkins. The sign at the front of the stall clearly said what I had for sale so why were so many people asking if I had Melons? After a great start and £30 in the bag, the trade dried up (unlike the weather).
It's strange how I spend all week at work waiting for the weekend and when it comes I sit in the back of a car in the hope that someone wants to spend 50p on a Butternet Squash.
A thoroughly miserable day was had by all and a grand total of £38.50 achieved. Can't wait for next week.  Oh, and is it too late to sow Melons?
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